Black Forest Cuisine - The Classic Blending of European Flavors by Walter Staib

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Wolfgang Puck
"Turning the pages of Walter Staib's Black Forest Cuisine and savoring the delicious recipes and zesty stories within, allows amateur as well as professional chefs to make mouth-watering discoveries about this rich and tasty region of Europe."

Hope Cohen
"Black Forest Cuisine has everything I look for in a cookbook: simple recipes, wonderful stories, helpful hints, step-by-step how-to photos and stunning food photography.  I’ve enjoyed making many of these recipes together with Chef Staib on The Fretz Kitchen, so I know you’ll love this book too!"

Paul Dillon
"The Black Forest is a magical place and Walter Staib has captured some of that magic in his new book, Black Forest Cuisine.  This is one book that will enlighten your culinary repertoire and engage you with great stories and history of a fabulous cuisine rich in tradition!"

From, Isabel Postelt
This is the German-Cookbook I am looking for - for Years. Not even find this kind of Book in Germany. It has all the Recipes my Mother and Grandmother used to cook. The only (great) Difference: It is more "modern", with all the Spices you can buy today. In the Fifties and Sixties my Mother had only Pepper, Salt, Bayleaves and Maggi in her Kitchen. Never heard of Garlic, Basil, Rosmaryn etc. . I will cook ALL the Recipes in this Book. The Desserts and Cakes are wonderful, too. The Recipes are EASY to follow and the Photos are gorgeous. Because I lived only 50 miles away from the Black Forest, the Book is double special. I only wished THIS Book came out earlier !!!!! THANK YOU Walter Staib.

"...Make mouth-watering discoveries about this rich and tasty region of Europe."
-Wolfgang Puck
"Chef Staib's stories and recipes broaden our view of his homeland..."
-Dr. Tim Ryan, The Culinary Institute of America
"Black Forest Cuisine will enlighten and educate readers about this region of Germany."
-Franz Mitterer, Art Culinaire
Named one of the "20 Most Noteworthy Cookbooks Published in 2006"
- The New York Times
"Charmingly written and illustrated"
- The Wall Street Journal
Named "Hottest cookbook of 2006"
-Nation's Restaurant News
"You can feel the heat and pride emanating from Black Forest Cuisine..."
-Philadelphia Inquirer
"...Much more than predictable German fare."
-Santé Magazine
"German cuisine gets its due at last..."
-Chicago Tribune
"...A culinary and cultural tour..."
-Philadelphia Magazine
"...This picturesque region has a lot more to offer than cuckoo clocks and Black Forest Cake."
-San Francisco Chronicle
"...Unforgettable additions to any cook's repertoire."
-Peter D. Franklin, Universal Press Syndicate
"...Full of rich and flavorful recipes, not to mention some delicious-looking pictures."
- WHERE Philadelphia
"Walter us a paean to his own culinary roots."
-John Mariani (Esquire & GQ)

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