so they might one day achieve the goals they so desire.  All of this is important and vital for success in such a competitive industry.  Yet, I hope for them something more as well - something more deeply rooted and profound.
Not all of us are as fortunate as Chef Staib to have experienced such an early and sustained connectedness to food and cooking. Perhaps its rarity is what makes it all the more inspiring.  It is the intense passion he displays throughout his childhood and apprenticeship that, I think more than anything else, is vital for young cooks to develop as early as possible and maintain as they go forward.  A teacher cannot necessarily teach passion, but he or she can convey its meaningful importance to students.  Throughout these pages, Chef Staib does just this.
I am hopeful that all who read the recipes and stories that follow will become better acquainted with the Black Forest and its cuisine.  Even more, though, I hope that they gain renewed appreciation for the role that food and cooking play in our everyday lives.
Dr. Tim Ryan, President
The Culinary Institute of America